Corporate Gifting

Helping businesses build a culture of gifting.


Can corporate gifting actually make a difference in my business?

In short: YES.

Thoughtful & regular gifting can make a HUGE difference to the satisfaction of your employees, existing clients, & future prospects.

Heart-felt sentiments like “thank you,” & “I value you” can be easily & professionally expressed through a meaningful gift.

These connective experiences can help to build trust & loyalty over time – they let people know that their contributions, engagement & presence matter to you & your business.


LimeLily makes it possible to give high-quality gifts, chosen with your recipient in mind.

Clients will remember you & employees will feel seen & valued (retention);
prospects will be impressed with the uniqueness & attention to detail (aquisition).

We know your reputation is on the line when giving a professional gift & our quality reflects that.

At the closing of a big client deal, the retirement of a long-time partner, or the welcome of a promising new hire – LimeLily can help you plan for & build a culture of gifting that shows you care time & time again.


A gifting strategy can enrich your business relationships

Let’s face it – an annual holiday card or fruit basket just doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to making an impactful show of appreciation to the clients & employees who make business possible… but does that mean that gifting is a waste of money?

The fact is, a thoughtful, personalized gift is often a better use of marketing dollars than other less targeted approaches.

Need a gifting plan that works?

We’ll help you create a gifting plan that will serve both your business and your relationships best.