About LimeLily

Creating meaningful, lasting connections through gifting.


Create meaningful, memorable gift experiences.

Tired of sending gift cards to your coworkers?
Want to use more than a sticky note to say “thank you”?

There’s a way – & it’s called LimeLily.

LimeLily offers professional gifting solutions that help you grow & retain your business.

Whether you’re choosing an individual gift for a special occasion, or you need step-by-step advice on how to create & implement a long-term gifting plan for your business – we can help.

What is "relationally-intelligent" gifting?

Relational intelligence is the ability to successfully connect with others; to have an awareness of their unique personality traits, values and interests, and the knowledge of what to do with that information in order to encourage a desired result/reaction.

With that definition in mind, relationally-intelligent gifting is simply the process of matching the right gift to the right person – with an end goal of creating a connective, meaningful experience that nurtures a lasting relationship.

Our Founder

The idea of relationally-intelligent gifting comes straight from the heart of our founder & owner of LimeLily, Twila Heiselman.

Since 2007, Twila has specialized in professional drop shipping services & more broadly, exceptional gifting experiences. Beyond gifting, her passions include public speaking & teaching on relationships & building better connections.

Twila’s professional background & experience supplies her with the unique abilities & knowledge to put true personality & care back into gift-giving.

Bottom line? LimeLily is ready to help you make the right gift choice – no matter the person or the occasion!


"When your goal is to create meaningful connections, our relationally-intelligent method can help you get it right. Every. Time."


We help all kinds of gift-givers

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